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Inside This Edition: Charrito's in Hoboken, NJ; Jersey Treasure - Princeton Tigers Ivy-League Football in Princeton, NJ; Movie Review - CITY OF GOD; Weekends in Morristown, NJ  and Feature - Montclair Studioworks | September 2004  

September, 2004 

Jersey Food - September, 2004

Step off Washington Street in Hoboken, New Jersey, and step into Charrito's.  If you have ever been to a truly authentic Mexican restaurant outside of the US and loved it, then you will surely love Charrito's.  Charrito's is small, maybe ten tables and yes a little cramped, but the food is delicious and the service is exceptional.  After a long hot walk on Washington Street it was refreshing to enter a well air conditioned dining room and sit down to a very tasty meal.

Charrito's is the real deal in Mexican cuisine right down to offering authentic Carne Asada.  I decided to go with the Pollo Asada Enchiladas and an ice-cold cola.  Much to my surprise and delight, what arrived exceeded my expectations.  It's not often that one gets an authentic mexican meal and it almost never happens that one gets to enjoy and ice-cold Pepsi from the bottle with it.

The whole meal was made and served by people who care.  In this age of hustle and bustle, it's not all that often that a customer is asked how the meal was, but at Charrito's they asked all the guests, and they  received delightful positive replies.

Charrito's - Hoboken, New Jersey 

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Jersey Treasure - September, 2004

Princeton comes alive in September with one of the longest and most enduring Jersey Treasures, Princeton Tigers Ivy-League Football.  There are only five home games per season, but they are unique and memorable.  The events are a cross between a blue-blood picnic and a college football game.  Alumni, students and locals make a pilgrimage five times per year to the grass meadows around the stadium to dine on fancy food and converse in witty conversation before the game.

Getting a ticket to the main event (or is it?) is no problem.  Just walk up to the ticket window and you will get a good seat to the game.  Actually, all the seats are good in this very new fantasy stadium built for the low, low price of 45 million dollars.  It's first-class all the way with free programs and open air surroundings. 

On any given Saturday when the Princeton Tigers play at home, the loyal and curious flock from their tailgate parties (maybe tailgate is too crude a description) to the gridiron like a modern-day scene reminiscent of a Jimmy Stewart movie.  The modern- day version continues in Princeton this fall as old memories are remembered and new ones are made. 

Princeton Tigers At Home
Sat 09/18/2004 Lafayette At Princeton, N.J. 7:00 PM
Sat 10/16/2004 Brown At Princeton, N.J. 1:00 PM
Sat 10/23/2004 Harvard
At Princeton, N.J. 1:00 PM
Sat 11/06/2004 Penn At Princeton, N.J. 1:00 PM
Sat 11/20/2004 Dartmouth At Princeton, N.J. 1:00 PM

Princeton Tigers  - Princeton, New Jersey

Jersey Spin Factoid: Princeton lost to Rutgers 6-4 in America's first intercollegiate football game played in 1869 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


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Things to Do - September, 2004

Jersey Feature - September, 2004

9/20 Champion Of The Grill - Grilling Competition - Classic Car Show - Entertainment & More - Free Admission - Sussex County Fairgrounds (rain date is the next day) - 973-579-1811 Augusta, NJ -
9/25 Fall Festival - Morristown Green - Rides & Food - Exhibits - Entertainment - Morristown, NJ - - 973-455-1133

 9/4 - 11/21 New Jersey Film Festival - New Brunswick, NJ - Rutgers University - Workshops - Screenings - Guest Industry Professionals - - 732-932-8482

Studioworks - Montclair 

Studioworks Montclair emerged from one of the roughest and most challenged areas in all of New Jersey, the city of Newark.  The program began as an arts program focused solely on educating and employing the at-risk youth of Newark, and today it includes the youth of Montclair as well.  Today, the kids enrolled in the program get to leave Newark for the day and attend and work in art classes in the summer at the Montclair Art Museum with their counterparts in Montclair.

Studioworks provides the students enrolled with the necessary tools to learn a craft and the responsibility of going to work and contributing to the collective efforts of the program.  All students leave the program at the end of the summer with valuable work experience as apprentice artists. 

Studioworks produces art in the areas of Theatre, Bench Project and Publication and Illustration.  The apprentices in the Theatre program produced their own Shakespeare play performed at the High School this past August.  The Bench Project is where real park benches are transformed into works of art.  This year's benches will be unveiled at Nishuane Park in Montclair on September 11, 2004, during the annual Reggae Festival.  Selections from the Publication and Illustration program will be available for purchase from the annual Holiday Cards sale. 

Proceeds from the Holiday Cards are reinvested in the program.  This year's program was  made possible by Communities In Schools Of New Jersey, the Jockey Hollow Foundation, the Prudential Foundation and the Township Of Montclair's Office Of Cultural Affairs.

By every indication, Studioworks could easily grow into a national organization in the future, and it's really no surprise coming from the legacy of inventive tradition found right here in New Jersey.

Katie Grim, Project Manager
Studioworks Montclair
Ph: 973.509.4910

Jersey Clubs and Nightlife - September, 2004

Weekends in Morristown, New Jersey

Many Jersey club goers head back from the shore and inland in September.  Morristown, New Jersey offers a couple of great selections on any given weekend.  Friday night it's Jimmy's Haunt in Morristown, New Jersey for some great club music.  "Johnny Rocks" from WKTU in the city spins the latest and the greatest from the big city every Friday.  What's nice about Jimmy's is that if you show up for dinner you can get into the club (excluding special events) for free.  The club offers an excellent party atmosphere and additional rooms for other types of music and people.

On Saturdays many head over to
The Famished Frog for a great bar party.  The atmosphere at The Famished Frog is all about friends and good times.  The bar is quite large, and there is an overflow room complete with big-screen television and second bar.  Heading into football season many will take advantage of the big television and many smaller ones to catch a score or two, but the real catch is the people.  Traditional and classic Northern New Jersey people having a good time, what could be better.

Weekends in Morristown - Morristown, New Jersey

State Motto:  Liberty and Prosperity
State Bird:  Eastern Goldfinch


Movie Review - September, 2004arch, 

CITY OF GOD - 2000 R

Just mentioning the word "favela" in Brazil and you will evoke some very strong emotions.  A place of desperation, violence and deplorable living conditions the favela is to Brazil what the slum is to other cities only often times much worse.  The CITY OF GOD takes place in a favela just outside of Rio de Janeiro.

Desperate circumstances turn many innocent children born into this area into drug dealers and much worse.  Al- ready looked down upon and usually rejected because of an address in the favela, one soul made it out daring to dream and trying for a future.  Many dare to dream of changing one's circumstances but few are lucky enough to see their dream come true.  The CITY OF GOD captures so eloquently the little bit of luck and meaningful coincidence often needed to realize a dream.

A young man had a dream of becoming a photo journalist as he endured a tough childhood surrounded by hoodlums and murderers.  Through the twists and turns of life and in all likelihood some divine intervention, this young man makes it out of the favela through the lens of a camera.  He exposes for all the world to see the deadly results of hopelessness, drugs and violence.

The CITY OF GOD is one of the best films ever made based on a true story.  The film is hard-hitting, violent and thoughtfully made.  It truly captures the meaning of life and how lucky one must be sometimes just to get a break.  Faith and a strong work ethic can keep a person going but having the rope thrown back is a gift beyond measure.

Check out CITY OF GOD next time you are in the mood for a powerful film.


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