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September, 2006

Inside This Edition: New Jersey Food - Jersey Shadow Review: Michaelangelo's Ristorante in Newark, NJ And Grasshopper Off The Green in Morristown, NJ 


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Michaelangelo's Ristorante - Much of the Northern New Jersey Italian cuisine has roots in North Newark, a place introduced to the world on The Soprano's as a destination, of unique character and old world charm.  Many from this neighborhood fled after the riots in 1967 and traveled up Bloomfield Avenue for safer surroundings and a better life but many stayed.  I decided to seek out an Italian lunch early one afternoon.  I found a place called Michaelangelo's, and with a name like that at least they know what inspiring means, so I decided this was the place to try. 
Michaelangelo's Ristorante in Newark, NJ ,offered me a whole lot for a very good price.  I must say that the Italian food in New Jersey is by far the best in the United States and North Jersey has some of the best.  Sure this neighborhood has changed but I'm delighted to say that family traditional North Jersey Italian cuisine still survives in this area. 


Looking over the menu I was struck by the terrific prices with whole meals including salad and dessert for about ten bucks ... some a little more ... some a little less.  I went with the Sausage Giambotta which was excellent although it did take a while to prepare.  The potatoes were cooked to absolute perfection and the hot peppers added a nice zing to the meal.  I would go out of my way to return to Michaelangelo's as it was very good, very inspiring and a very good value.  You won't find this kind of food outside of New Jersey and who would really want to try anyway. - Jersey Shadow - 
Michaelangelo's Ristorante
544 Bloomfield Avenue
Newark, NJ 07107


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Grasshopper Off The Green - Grasshopper Off The Green in Morristown was good ,but a ho- hum experience overall.  The sirloin steak sandwich that I ordered was very good, but the atmosphere felt very commercial almost like a hotel restaurant not a neighborhood place.  For my taste it was a bit too formula...  a bit too uptight which is okay if that's what you are expecting.  I ordered a coke with my sandwich which came in a way-too-small glass.  Not to sound too harsh or overly critical but I kind of felt like I would have been better served by just ordering a steak sandwich from a take-out place.

It's not a good thing if your customer feels as if take-out would have been a better choice.  It was a good sandwich, but the service although polite and aside from the happy female runner who delivered my meal left a little to be desired.  Some people aren't cut out to be servers, but at the very least a cruise by the table to see if anything is needed after the food arrives is a good thing to do, and it's never good to make a customer feel as though they are an imposition by asking for another glass of water.  Morristown is a pretty competitive place restaurant-wise and I'm looking forward to exploring this area more in the future perhaps up ON THE GREEN. - Jersey Shadow -
Grasshopper Off The Green
41-43 Morris Street
Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 973-285-5150

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