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NJ Food Reviews - On A Roll Gourmet Deli And Catering in Madison, NJ And Toast in Montclair, NJ



On A Roll Gourmet Deli And Catering - I found On A Roll by way of a suggestion that came to Jersey Spin as an establishment that might be worth a visit. Anybody who knows of my reviews knows that they will always get the good, the bad and everything in between. On A Roll bills itself as a gourmet deli and catering establishment and has a quaint little store on Main Street in Madison, NJ. The deli is in close proximity to the New York Jets Headquarters and the new, under-construction North American Headquarters of BASF.  

Without getting too crazy, I decided to try a simple roast beef and cheese sandwich.  In addition, I tried a special of the day, turkey on a croissant with Fontina cheese, cranberry, lettuce with a surprising hint of orange, and their take on a 1/2 pound of chicken salad -- all to go. For those of you who think more meat in a sandwich is better, it's not and this day I received a perfect roast beef sandwich not heaping with meat but rather with just the right amount with American cheese and mayo. A simple order, yes, but one that can give you an idea of the quality of the ingredients used.  The turkey on a croissant was delicious.  The hint of orange flavor made the difference between good and something special.  Many of the offerings at this establishment seemed to include something unexpected which would make you think, "I would never have thought to add that or combine those ingredients."

Ok, the place makes a great sandwich but what about that chicken salad? It was delicious, fresh and very tasty... definitely a new take with nothing overpowering and yet very flavorful.  Again, the addition of honey mustard made the difference and took it up a notch.

I would definitely visit On A Roll again and certainly area businesses might find this place quite a nice resource for their catering needs.  - Jersey Shadow -

On A Roll Gourmet Deli & Catering
50 1/2 Main Street
Madison, NJ 07940
Phone: 973-822-3644


Toast - Toast is a unique name for a restaurant and as it turns out, perfectly suited to this establishment because it's unique with a homey laid-back beach feel to it.  The atmosphere is happy with a feeling of upbeat youth.  The decor is rustic and comfortable to accommodate, surprisingly, more diners than one would think with overflow space upstairs.  Some, no doubt regulars, arriving asked for upstairs even though there were good tables on the main floor... always a good sign of loyalty.

As far as the menu goes, it's basic with an eclectic flair.  No dinner here and the place closes at 3pm every operating day and they are open every day.  All sorts of goodies on the menu from breakfast favorites to lunchtime classics.  The prices are pretty reasonable but caution should be taken if you don't want to overspend or for that matter, overeat.

I must say that my very generous portioned gazpacho was absolutely delicious and ranks among the best I've had dining out.  Our drinks arrived in mason jars... a nice homey southern touch.  Of special note, I asked for a glass of water and two glasses arrived... one for me and one for my guest... a classy move often overlooked.  My guest ordered the stuffed French toast which was stuffed with sweet cheese, and believe me when it arrived, it made me salivate.

My Cuban Sandwich was flavorful and the bread was especially good.  All in all a good meal at a reasonable price. 
- Jersey Shadow - 

700 Bloomfield Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042
Phone: 973-509-8099

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