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June 7, 2020

By Jerry Butler Hospitalsure - Teleplexus, Inc.

The human spirit soars through self reliance, individualism and personal liberty. One of the saddest and most destructive forces in America today is amputating an individual's spirit, self worth, self reliance and personal dignity when they are left with no healthcare option other than Medicaid or some other government dependent scheme such as Obamacare. Another sad fact of present day healthcare is that millions of Americans are tied to jobs and occupations that they don't like or have outgrown because of the need for health insurance.

One of the most moving and indelible days of my life took place in a medical refugee camp in Ethiopia in 1988. A man was severely wounded when his cow stepped on a mine and he was having his face debrided. This man endured horrendous pain and agony yet never made a sound or even flinched. Later that day others being treated for their maladies lined up with pieces of firewood in offerings for the medical care that they had received. A piece of firewood in Ethiopia is incredibly valuable and critically needed and yet the human spirit of these wonderful people would never permit them to leave their debt unpaid.

Are we different than the people of Ethiopia because we are Americans? Of course not. We are all God's children. The human spirit is timeless and transcends everything. We all want to be self reliant, take care of ourselves, our loved ones and pay our own way. Is our healthcare system in America compassionate and fair because we are all treated differently and put into different categories when it comes to healthcare access? In a word NO. In fact, the healthcare access in America is among the most discriminatory in the world. The practice of tying someone's price for healthcare access to personal income or employment is the most personally perilous, degrading, needlessly expensive and inefficient ways to deliver quality healthcare.

The Hospitalsure revolution ends the discrimination in healthcare forever through free-market universal-access. Hospitalsure delivers the best healthcare in the world at prices the majority of Americans can afford through revolutionary population-based premium metrics. For the first time ever in American history the local hairdresser, restaurant worker, tradesman or college student has the same healthcare access and buying power as a school teacher, policeman, railroad worker or corporate business executive. Even though all policies are individually owned Hospitalsure honors the American tradition of employer/employee financial participation through employer direct pay functionality.

When Hospitalsure becomes available in your part of America you will be invited by your insurance carrier to optionally upgrade your auto insurance policy to Hospitalsure. If you don't have a relationship with a diversified insurance carrier you will be able to easily shop for a policy using insurance comparison tools presently available today. Hospitalsure customers shop price only because the protection is the same regardless of which Hospitalsure carrier you choose.

Hospitalsure is the most consumer-friendly, transparent and free-market driven healthcare in the world. Hospitalsure delivers industry firsts - Ageless Premium, Diagnosis Guarantee and no bill with credit protection. Hospitalsure also delivers industry first multi-generational family and multi-policy discounts.

Hospitalsure introduces the free market to every facet of healthcare and delivers ceaseless innovation and choice. It's time to demand Hospitalsure where you live to protect your personal and financial health.

Yours in health, liberty and prosperity,

Jerry Butler – Inventor Hospitalsure

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