Hospitalsure works at the State level to protect individuals and businesses from Obamacare. 

Ask your Governor or State representative about Hospitalsure.


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Hospitalsure: Respecting the Constitution - Serving the Individual

Dear Visitors: Hospitalsure is the most modern, effective and transparent health
insurance standard ever devised and it easily replaces Obamacare and
employer based health insurance.  All individuals will have total control
over their healthcare for the very first time in American history with
Hospitalsure and the birth of the modern healthcare economy that it
enables.  Enrollment is ongoing and every policy is individual, sold
directly to the consumer and comes with Ageless Premium which means a
persons age is never used to calculate a premium.  Premiums are population
based and never on a persons health status.  Hospitalsure would be
available from the same place a person gets their Auto insurance and other
types of insurance for discounts when policies are bundled together from
the same carrier.  All Hospitalsure policies are individual but
Hospitalsure honors the American tradition of properly ending employer
based coverage by enabling them to still pay for an employees
Hospitalsure if they wish through Employer Direct Pay functionality.

Hospitalsure is the most transparent, protective and effective health insurance 
standard ever devised and there are zero co pays, no deductibles 
and it covers 100% - all costs!  It also becomes illegal to bill a patient
directly for anything.  It's pure insurance and the premiums are roughly $2,000
per year and even cheaper with insurance multi policy bundling discounts.  Every   
American age 18 and over would be able to get a Hospitalsure policy even those
who work for unions, corporations, government and it's Medicare and VA compatible.
Hospitalsure is perfectly suited for a nation ready for rebirth and modernization. 
Yours in wellness and prosperity - Jerry Butler - 


The first US State to adopt Hospitalsure and free market healthcare economics found in this guide will become the birthplace of the modern healthcare economy in America.

Hospitalsure works with all insurance markets through modernization putting the individual in charge of his healthcare not the government or employer.


The future of healthcare in America is a modern health economy and free market insurance with Hospitalsure. for more information

"A critical component for the formation of the modern healthcare economy"

"Brilliant because it unchains the free market from government and properly sunsets inefficient employer based health insurance while lowering cost with unlimited innovation, choice and care options."

Jerry Butler

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