"every experience we have collectively grows into a knowledge bank that in turn helps us all."

AddisonsDisease.Net is the worlds support group, resource and leader for
patients and caregivers with addisons disease and other diseases of the
adrenal glands including cushings syndrome, pituitary and adrenal tumors.

Our founder pioneered the importance of and effectiveness of taking his steroids before getting out of bed in the morning.  

Our members are in constant support contact with Jerry and their fellow members.

"It's so great to get support from someone who actually has the disease, has survived diagnosis and adrenal crisis and who has improved his life enormously."

AddisonsDisease.Net is the original Addison's disease support and wellness pioneer delivering direct help for those with addison's and their caregivers since 2002. Addison's can be difficult to cope with and it requires constant monitoring of one's body. AddisonsDisease.Net provides its members constant contact with the largest online support system in the world based on hundreds of years of collective firsthand experience with addison's disease. Also called adrenal insufficiency and hypocortisolism AddisonsDisease.Net provides direct support for those without proper adrenal function.  Our legendary addison's disease support has helped hundreds live better lives with addison's.  Our members say it best when describing us: "There is no better place than AddisonsDisease.Net to get well because they know what it takes to get someone well with this complicated disease and they help everyone!"

Support with Cushing's and Addison's, ALD and addison's, diet and addison's, the runs and addison's, depression and addison's, loneliness and addison's and more.

Support For Addison's Disease  - Through the largest membership in the world AddisonsDisease.Net is an owners manual on how to live with Addison's Disease.

AddisonsDisease.Net provides direct addison's disease support through our worldwide Addison's Disease membership.

Addison's Disease Support From Addison's Disease.Net - Serving Patients And Caregivers For Over Eleven Years!

"I’m a much better person for having this site in my life, that’s for sure."

"I must mention that it is due to all
I have learned on this forum that I am able to take quick action or better
still preventitive measures when I know I am going into a stressful
situation. I have had a few of them of late with no serious or lasting effect."


"By far the best addison's support site in the world"

AddisonsDisease.Net is a living breathing owners manual on how to live with addison's disease

"she has had Ad. primary for 14 years, thought we were going to lose her the time she was diagnosed, she has been in hospital so many times until we found this site and you wonderful people"

Over 2,238,343 million member generated Addison's Disease Support emails collectively received in 2012!

Addison's Disease Support For Patients And Caregivers

"Living With Addison's Disease is now something I can do thanks to all of you!!!"

" is the oldest and the very best addison's disease support group in existence today"

"I certainly have had loads of support here and have learnt so much about what my son is going through from this site."

"Thanks for your words of encouragement!! It means so much. I am so glad I
found this site..."

"This group is so helpful and does provide a nice, safe outlet to ask questions and comment.  This is a wonderful site."

"We wouldn;t have known to do that without the support here. Rob's endo was impressed that we found this info!!!!"

"This site is spectacular, by the way.  Other than being obviously supportive
and great in that regard, there is such a wealth of information from people
who have experienced everything."

"This forum will help you so much, even use the info you find here, print it and bring it to your dr." 

"For me, I cannot emphasize enough how important hydration is and it is rarely mentioned by doctors.  We are all different but it is amazing how much I have learned from others here." 

"I also am new to the site--I have learned much from others here about the disease and coping and what we can do to help ourselves."

"This is a great site with great caring people who all know how we feel and what we go through."

"This is a wonderful group....I love each of you and treasure your friendship and support."

"My Husband found this site for me. So I know he will always understand what I am going through."

"This group has already helped so much in trying to understand addison's disease and  it's many mysteries.  I am very happy that I found all of you on my first internet search for information."

"I am learning a lot about all of the details of Addison's Disease from this group.  Thanks to everyone."

"I can't wait everyday to see what each of you has written.  I learn so much from your experiences.  Someone said they hoped they weren't boring but every story helps me to understand more."

"Welcome to our group. You will find a kind and caring group and a lot of
useful information. I have had AD for 20+ years and have learned more in a
year here than thru all my Doctor's."

"I think this site is fab.  It has helped me enormously
over the last six months whilst going through
diagnosis.  Everyones' advice has been so helpful and
made me realise that I need to look after myself to be
well.  We all understand each other because we all
know how bad we can feel and we get the support we need when we need it."

"While I might not be physically
100% this group is helping me emotionally be 100%"

"Just wanted to say welcome (from a fellow citizen, with A.D) to this fantastic support group. It's a wealth of care and experience that I don't think you will find elsewhere."

"No better place to learn how to live with Addison's Disease.  The support found here helps me everyday!"

"This network of people has made such an impact on my life with Addison's over the last year..."

We are delighted here at to immediately connect you to the largest international body of patient experience on Addison's Disease anywhere in the world.  Our real time support is unsurpassed as we connect you with people who know first-hand what it's like to have Addison's Disease from pre-diagnosis to managing the disease for decades.  Our members are among the most caring and supportive people you will ever meet.

Our growing international family is here ready to support your needs.  You are invited to join our family and we wish you the very best of health. 
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Member thoughts about the quality of the support for patients and their caregivers found on -

"You are a source of inspiration for me, Jerry.  You are modeling living with AD with grace.  Thank you." - "This group is full of good info" - "I have found a lot of the information discussed helps me understand and accept this disease." - "I am so glad that we found this group.   You are all helping us so much." - "You are all wonderful.  Thank you" - "I just found this support group the other day, and am impressed by the conversations going on!  I have had primary addison's for 20 years... "I've developed relationships with members here since December 1, 2004 and have met some of the most loving, compassionate, smart, and caring people--that you would ever want to meet!!  So again, welcome-sit back-take a deep breathe and know we are all here for each other to help with daily difficulties, questions, and concerns." - "Glad we all found this site." - "I am so glad to have found all of you!" - "We all need to talk and there seems to be so few families dealing with this that this is truly a Godsend!" - "I am SO SO SO glad that you've found us. This support group has been the saving grace for many of the members here, including myself. It's a support, wonderful community where people truly care about helping each other. The collective experience of this group is worth more than a million doctor's visits."- "I will keep in touch and I am glad I decided to become a part of this group." - "you will find this group well informed and caring." - "I will keep the faith and continue to connect with the support group." - "I am so happy I joined this group because I have had so many good responses to what is happening with me." - "I just wanted to say how happy I am to have found you all. This is the first time that I have felt welcome at/on one of these Internet support groups. I feel like I have come home. This is a wonderful group of truly caring people. I've tried other supposed online "support" groups and they usually end up with bickering and fighting and not even dealing the issue at hand. I have learned more about my disease in the short time I have been here than in the last 15 months. I am now more at ease because I feel I have a place to go for answers to any of my questions, no matter how silly they might be. Sincerely, I thank you all." - "Welcome to the group!! I know that you'll feel better soon. You've made a wonderful choice just by seeking us out." - "I just want to feel better and the support here is the best out there... I feel better and my doctor is very impressed with this resource." - "by far the best for addison's support anywhere" - "The specilist phycisian is very knowledgeable and is willing to listen. He was very interested in our support group and took the address  as did the GP. both said they would go on line." - "I was careful to stay good and hydrated. Dehydration will, and has put me in the hospital, quite a few times. But, thank God, and our wonderful Addison'sDisease.Net.. Family!  It has been a long time since I have gone to the hospital for that reason. You and our caring members shared their experiences and their knowledge willingly on so many important ways to help stay in balance and to manage my Addison's. I have learned so much and would love to chat with anyone on something that I may have already experienced after 13.5 years since developing AD." - "The <name of site redacted> site is the same and all they do is discuss the weather and that's not supportive so I am supportive to them but don't receive back this is the only site you feel the love from and can give love back (thank you)"

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